At the Rob Adler Studio, we use our exclusive expertise for the development of your craft and career -- everything we teach is specifically designed to prepare you for today's fast paced TV and film industry. We believe that to be great, you need to practice every day. As a studio member, you'll be able to work with our teachers several times a week, as well as gaining an all-access pass to other studio masterclasses and events (like regular play readings, a Pilot Season Prep Masterclass, Yoga for Actors, the Audition Masterclass, and more). These classes will give you the tools (not rules) to access your authentic, spontaneous presence.

Because we're serious, we ask that new students commit to a minimum of three months training to begin. 

Check out our current class offerings; we want to help you reach your next level!

Play, joy, and spontaneity.

"AdlerImprov" (Sundays, 3:00-6:00)

Live moment to moment in the scripted Film & TV world with full body presence, locate the “play state,” and get out of your head. AdlerImprov will help you craft layered, complex characters and relationships, as well as deep, spontaneous subtext. This is the class where you explore, transform, and harness your creative genius!




Acting Studio LA

"Work On-Set" (Tuesdays, 7:30-10:30)


Make well-prepared, scripted Film & TV scenes look spontaneous and alive in this on-camera scene study class by applying the Tools of Improvisational Action to create spontaneous presence for the camera. This is the class where you'll gain the tools to break down a script with ease, and create full, dynamic, characters.

What our students say...

Jules Wilcox (CSI NY)

"I constantly hear actors saying, “I need to get out of my head.” As soon as I hear this I recommend working with Rob Adler. I recently worked with Rob before shooting a role on a network television program. As a result, the director and producer were extremely complimentary and impressed with my ability to stay spontaneous, connected and emotionally available in demanding scenes during 4 hours of shooting which included rewrites and some camera malfunctions."


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