Who We Are

We are not "get-it-right"-ers. We are not "play-it-safe"-ers.

We are actors, writers, directors, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, and artists of every kind. We are misfits, animals, rule-breakers, craftsmen, rocket scientists, wizards, master chefs, and occasionally, ghosts. We are children at heart, and we believe that when we PLAY, we gain access to the childlike parts of ourselves: imagination, wonder, presence, honesty, focus, intuition, joy, vulnerability, and freedom.

We are committed to the craft. We are committed to our careers. We are committed to each other. 

There are plenty of “gurus” in Hollywood. We’re not interested in achieving guru status. We’re interested in you. We want to empower you and your artistry. The work we do at the Rob Adler Studio takes the form of simple, practical tools that we use every single day to access authentic presence.

We believe that this kind of presence, honesty, spontaneity, intuition, and focus are all learnable skills. And we believe that inside our little Hollywood studio, you can master them.


What industry professionals say...

Eve Streger (Casting Director -- Sully, American Sniper, Everybody Hates Chris, Jersey Boys)

“Amie is a great teacher and mentor to her students. She really knows what to get out of her students. I have had the pleasure of working with her and really respect her views on acting.”




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